6 Tips For Cleaning Windows

Do You Know How To Clean Windows? No, cleanliness cannot be considered as a very easy thing. Just by using a detergent and water, you cannot maintain cleanliness of your house. In fact, you need to follow some tips for cleaning windows. You need to clean windows in such a way that the glass does not get degraded. Also, you need to make sure that bacteria and other germs do not contaminate near windows and doors. For maintaining cleanliness, you need to use better cleansing solutions. You should use a squeeze for imparting accurate cleaning. For reaching far ends, you should make use of a ladder. Here are some ways through which you can clean windows of your house:

  1. Select Weapons In An Effective Way


You need to think wisely before selecting weapons for cleaning purposes. You should select

  • Accurate Window Cleaners
  • Several premoistened pipes
  • 4-5 wiping tools
  • A fiber cloth, paper towel, and newspaper
  • Squeegee, a decent cleansing solution

If you want one particular cleansing weapon or product, you should go for Hope’s Perfect Glass that come at only 5 dollars. A squeegee is a tool that does not require extra water for cleaning. Instead, it helps in removing excess water and making windows streak-free.

  1. De-grime Your Window Screens


As the durability and reliability of windows depend on their screens, so you need to follow some specific tips for cleaning window screens. Before starting the process, you should gather a small cloth, tube (garden hose) better quality dish soap, a cleansing solution and water. Then,

  • You should make your screen wet with the help of a tube
  • Then, you should dip the cloth in the cleansing solution and rub both sides of window screens. Keep on scrubbing screens till dust and grime is vanished completely
  • Last, you need to wash your window screen by using soap and water & allow it to dry. Once the screen is dry, you can put it in your window

You need to put extra effort for washing your window screens. With extra force, you can only face breakage problems. You need to wash your window screens after every 4 months.

3.  Make Certain Preparations

 If you want to wash the windows in an effective way, you need to make some preparations. Not only you need to gather all decent tools, but you should also set up the work environment

  • First, you should pull the curtains
  • Then, you should open the windows and check for any dirt
  • During the inspection, if you found any loose dirt, you should remove it quickly
  • You should also clear any kind of dust or wastage on windows

You should remove all the obstacles that cause problems in the washing process. You need to make your windows ready for the particular washing.


  1. Use Brushes –For providing effective cleaning, you should use several types of brushes. By using a cobweb brush, you can easily remove loose webs or the dirt accumulated from 2 or 3 days. These types of brushes offer a quick dust down. If you make a habit of using brushes on windows, you will never see any additional grime and dirt on windows.
    • You should start cleaning the top of your window.
    • Slowly and gradually, you should come to middle and then lower part
    • You need to make sure that all the parts of your window have been specifically cleaned

    The benefit of this procedure is that you can protect any mess and avoid sweeping that arises many times. After performing all the steps, you should use your brush i.e. cobweb brush for cleaning windows.

  1. Say GoodBye to Shades


You should put all your efforts for removing the shades. For washing shades, you should use a duster like the Swiffer or a small and soft cloth. You can also go for a dusting brush. Use your material on the vacuum. During this process, you need to make sure that dusting is performed on both sides. You need to set one shade across the worktable and other shade near the tub. You can use the sponge and water for making a good cleaning solution. For the best results, you should add some vinegar to the solution. You should perform washing in a large bath tube. It is very easy to perform washing in large bath tubs. You need to use a clean, think cloth for removing the dirt or wastage (if any) on the windows. You need to make sure that you do not leave the cloth in waster for more than 60 seconds. If you want to remove shades, you need to take specific care about dusting.

  1. Maintain The Glass


You must clean your glasses for maintaining cleaning of your windows. You should try your level best for protecting the glass from specific damage caused by acid rains and gases. You need to wash both sides of your windows. It is because glasses on both sides create several problems. First, you should wash your windows with accurate solution and water. Then, you should use a lint-free cloth for removing the excess water. Make sure that your cloth does not contain extra dirt. You should keep on wiping horizontal parts of your windows until they become dry. For cleaning your windows, you can tilt them from one way or one end. Well, if you have double-hung windows, you need to avoid the folding process. Also, you need to raise the bottom pane at eight inches. You just need to wash the surfaces that can be easily cleaned by you. You should clean the inside carefully and rinse the outside with decent solutions. Moreover, you need to make sure that there do not occur any crank in the windows. Keep on cleaning your windows without opening them for longer periods. Through all your efforts, you can maintain your glasses and windows.

My Verdict

You must follow some specific tips for cleaning your windows. Before selecting the process, you should gather decent quality tools like brush and solutions. Without taking your windows down, you can wash them and avoid contamination of dirt and wastage. You should check your curtains and glasses for availing an effective cleaning. You should brush like the cobweb brush that easily removes loose dirt and dust particles. You need to use accurate duster like the Swiffer for removing shades from glasses and screens. You should follow several tips for protecting the glass from dust, germs, and other harmful things. By following all these tips, you can maintain your windows without hiring a professional or window cleaner.

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