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5 Common Window Problems and Their Solutions

5 Common Window Problems and Their Solutions 9 Sep

Many people do not avail pretty much success in cleaning their windows. It is not that they do not select the better type of solutions. But, they do not follow some specific methods for washing their windows. They face problems while cleaning screens and glasses. Certainly, it is not easy to clean glasses that get damaged with the dust and residue. Dust, when resisted for longer periods, creates vast problems. Because of the poor condition of windows, people fail to avail the natural light and heat, especially in the winter season. I have seen many people worrying about the condition of their windows and doors. After doing a lot of research, I have collected 5 common window problems faced by people these days. And don’t forget the solutions for curing these problems.


Glass problem occurs in most of the windows. Sometimes the glass becomes foggy. And some other times, the entire glass gets broken. When the insulated breaks, the complete glass unit is replaced. Even the glass of the frame can be replaced and provide a wonderful look to windows. But, certainly, a definite amount of money is required for performing all these things. You need to look at your budget before starting the window repairing process. You should talk with different professionals that provide better repairing of windows.

 Window Screens

 Degraded window screens is the second most common problem after poorly constructed glasses.  Damaged window screens disapprove the overall better look of windows. Not the entire window, but the frame is damaged in most of the cases. If you don’t have pretty much money, you should either reuse your frame or fit a new window screen. However, if you are a person with higher budgets, you should go for a particular replacement or repair your entire window.

Leakage Due to Weather Change

 Most of the leakage problems occur in window frames because of weather changing conditions. New and extra leaks in window frames cause vast problems. Due to these gaps and leaks, insects and birds contaminate and cause several health problems. Therefore, it is important to maintain windows if you want to avoid problems more than the look of your windows.

Latches and Locks

 Here is another common window problem faced by people these days. Window locks and latches occur when people look for extra safety and security. Unfortunately, many persons fail in selecting better types of locks and latches. They could not get tools and equipment that suit their windows. Well, for avoiding this problem, you can go online and look for massive options. I am sure the internet world will surely help in fixing your problem.

Poorly Constructed Windows

 Certainly, problems do occur in the entire window. Windows that do not open or gets locked at a particular place or position are called faulty windows. Small types of problems can be fixed by changing the hardware. But, if the sash support system or handle maintaining system is damaged, you need to go for the complete replacement. You should contact your operator for selecting a new window.

How You Can Fix Several Window Problems

  1. Repair The Sill – Instead of making a complete replacement, you should try to replace the particular part of the sill. For this thing, you should cut your sill like the shape of the wood. Then, you should use this wood for making a patch. After that, you need to use a router for making the groove. Finally, you should attach some screws below the groove. In addition to this, you can also fix loose joints by using a dowel.
  2. Maintain Vinyl Windows – You need to know that vinyl windows need very little maintenance. You just need to look at some little things for maintaining these windows. In some cases, you need to lubricate the hinges or in other cases, you might require replacing the catch. And during cleaning, you need to use a mild or better quality detergent and specifically remove dirt and all dust particles lying on windows.
  3. Set The Mortise-Plate – It is essential to check the fitting of the mortise plate. Most window problems are fixed by adjusting the setting of a mortise plate. By adjusting this plate, you can improve the catch and easily hold your windows. For adjusting the mortise plate,
  • You should remove the screw from your window
  • Then, you need to take the pencil and draw the mortise plate around the window frame.
  • Last, you should use a chisel and set the size of the mortise according to your requirements.

Solutions to Window Problems

  • You should select a better window weatherstripping for fixing gaps or leaks and saving a lot of money
  • You need to remove the sash of your window and align it with your regular glass. In this way, you can fix your broken glass problem.
  • You should make a habit checking your sash support system. If you find any type of problem, you should contact the operator or replace the system.
  • You must use the internet for searching the best types of hardware materials for your windows.
  • Well, if you don’t find any solution for window screens, glasses, and other components, you should particularly go for the replacement.

Final Verdict

Due to many problems, people fail to avail the natural light and other benefits from the sun. Some face problems in their glasses or screens, while others are worried about their entire windows. These problems occur from natural and man-made factors. Unfortunately, there is no pathway to stop these problems. But, certainly, you can treat or cure these problems. By adjusting the mortise plate and by repairing the sill, you can fix several window problems. If you care about the lubrication and the catch, you can easily maintain your vinyl windows. For fixing gaps and leaks, you should consider a window weatherstripping. If you want to keep your window effective and accurate, you should check your sash support system on regular basis. Yes, replacement is the best solution if there occur no alternatives. Keep on following these tips for maintaining the configuration of your windows.