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Choose right service to keep your house clean

Choose right service to keep your house clean 17 Aug
We all love a clean house but it’s not easy to maintain one, this is why there are cleaning companies and maids that can help with our busy schedule and offer us a more free quality time that we can spend with our kids for example. It’s very important to educate yourself what a cleaning company offers, how the services work so that you know what you will get and not leave you disappointed in any way.  When we are looking for a cleaning company or maids company, we expect them to deliver a professional job and leave our house sparkly clean. That is very normal and this is what you should expect anyway. For this, you need to know couple things and details about what the service include and what, service is right for you. If from what you discussed over the phone (estimate or quote your housr) with the agent of the company meets your expectations then go for it and schedule an appointment for cleaning. Here is what you need to ask and know about cleaning services before you schedule your cleaning appointment.
There are several different types of cleaning services, like:
General cleaning
Deep cleaning
Move in cleaning 
Move out cleaning
Organizing and shelving services
Garage dropping and organizing
Now let’s give a more thorough understanding of each service type and know better what service you need for your house.
General cleaning services is a cleaning of each of the bedrooms which includes: making the beds, dusting and vacuuming and moping the floors. Bathroom cleaning: mirrors, sink, toilet, shower or bathtub and moping the floor.  Kitchen General cleaning services  includes: cleaning the microwave, stove, cabinets from outside and fridge from outside, moping the floors. Living and dining area: dusting, vacuuming and moping the floors. Also put together any kids toys if needed. So, as you see, General cleaning services are a type of cleaning that you would normally do on a daily bases, pretty much with couple exclusions. Like a tiding up type of thing. Keeping your house neat and tidy.
Deep cleaning services are something more specific and in details. For example, kitchen:   for a deep cleaning you would go inside the cabinets and inside the fridge. Something you would not do on a daily bases type of cleaning. Bedroom: you would clean blinds, fans, windows from inside, do the laundry etc. Bathrooms: more thorough tub or shower cleaning including the tile, walls. Floors can be done by hand which is more preferable and desired by clients. Not mop but clean with a cloth with your hands. It’s a big difference. The results are amazing! So, deep cleaning services are something you would do once in a while, preferably once a month for maintaining a fresh, super clean house. It requires more time and of course is more pricey.
Move in/out cleaning services are very much like deep cleaning, the difference is that the property usually is empty in both cases. It seems that it’s easier but you have to pick up much more garbage then In a living house, although not always.