Window Care: Using Nanotechnology to Keep Windows Cleaner Longer

Nanophase Technologies Corporation launched a new line of innovative, nano-enabled products that provide advanced levels of cleaning, polishing and protection for glass cleaning and window restoration applications, including commercial Class A, low and high-rise buildings, residential homes and post-construction projects.

The NanoUltra Super Hydrophilic Window Technology products provide significant benefits to building owners and managers because the products can reduce routine and overall maintenance costs while easily maintaining the integrity and professional appearance of your buildings.

The NanoUltra products have the superior ability to restore windows to an ultra smooth condition and then provide a long lasting protection to prevent dirt and stains from redepositing on the glass surface.

Potential benefits for building owners and managers include:
• Windows that stay cleaner longer, which may increase the value of their asset
• Prevention of glass degradation due to permeation of a variety of contaminants
• Removal of mineral and hard water stains
• Prevention of corrosion to the point where the molecular structure has been altered necessitating expensive replacement.
• Reducing disruption to your business and customers
• Potentially reducing liability and insurance issues from less frequent maintenance effortsnanotexnologia-2

“In today’s difficult economic conditions, building owners and facility managers are looking for ways to reduce building maintenance expense”, says Lynn Elliott, President of Columbus Window Cleaning.  “NanoUltra Super Hydrophilic Window Technology cleans and restores your valuable window to “like new” condition then provides a long lasting transparent surface protection to make your windows shine and keep them cleaner longer”.

As a stand-alone product, NanoUltra Stain Remover and Polish is a high-performance product that easily removes stubborn stains and traces of most all precast concrete, mineral deposits, oils, acid rain and other everyday grime and buildup on windows. Exterior windows not only glisten with a high shine, but can remain cleaner longer than windows that are cleaned with traditional stain removers.

The unique patent-pending formulation of NanoUltra Stain Remover and Polish is safer to use than hydrofluoric and hydrochloric stain removal systems that can be dangerous to employees, exterior surfaces and the environment.

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